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Source of Useful Frameworks



So… ok so now what?? idk just chill, can we??? NO??? YOU WANT TUTORIALS??? How dare you…

ok ok now that you insist, … let me think … ok I’m gonna list a few… no, more than a FEW frameworks… A whole bunch of them… in any programming field… so yeah, Here we go:

I – Game Development

  • XNA Framework – A Framework that allows developing games from the scratch to a playable result. C# Based, Games Portable For XB0X 360 also.
  • MT Framework: Capcom’s favorite framework!! Personally, I think it’s good for fighting/Hack&Slash genres.
  • UDK Framework: Development with the Unreal Game Engine.
  • libGDX: Best game development framework for Android.
  • iTorque: Most-known game development framework for iPhone series.
  • Sparrow Framework: A Game Development framework for iPhone series.
  • Unity Framework: Develop games for Mac, also portable for iPhone series.
  • Terracotta: Game Server Development with the support for networking tools.
  • Project Darkstar: Another Game server development framework.
  • Marauroa: Game server development.

II – Web Development

  • Zend Framework: Server-side web development with php.
  • GWT: A web development tool from Google. Java based.

III- Application Development

  • .Net Framework: A framework that allows developing applications for any field using a whole set of different programming languages. Generally is for Application Development.
  • MFC Framework: A framework which allows GUI development for C++ programs, including Windows, Buttons, TextBoxes and other GUI componenets.

The Diary of a Hacker (Chap 1)

The Diary of a Hacker (Chap 2):
The story of my true LOVE for hacking started from 3 years ago, when I was in middle school and was playing Megaman X5!!
I was fascinated by the theme: all that technology, all that power + an absorbing gameplay that I’d really gotten into.
2 months later, I watched “The Matrix”, the most influential movie of my life.
I was a fool kid back then (I’m still foolish), but then again, I was just fascinated by their idea that “Nothing is Real” and “Everything is Programmed, even us”…
school started and I took my first Com Sci class, in which they taught us BASIC.
I didn’t learn programming the way yall did, I learnt it like it was back in 90s, no GUI, no 32-bit fancy OS, no Windows, nothing except the 16-bit DOS-BASED system in which we could only write basic programs.

I mean, BASIC had the “GOTO” command!!!

So my mind started retrogressing, retrogressing back to when I was a small kid (even smaller!), when I used to play with my cousin who was a high school teenager with a Commodore 64 in which he played a version of Pac-man I’m STILL looking for. Back to the time in which Nintendo 64 was a popular gaming console (I was different, as always: I played SEGA!!!), back to the time in which even my mom was facinated by the DOS operating system and those mysterious computers of old times. Then the insanity swallowed me…

4 oclock in the morning… still programming… My teacher yelling at me… still programming… books all over the place… still programming… dad sees my grades… still programming… Tic-Tac-Toe MUST be FINISHED NO MATTER WHAT!!!

But it failed… I failed making the Tic-Tac-Toe game, simply because I wasn’t perfect and I didn’t know how to get help. Our teacher?? He was a coconut!

So I stopped programming. My grades came back to normal again, and I went back to professional gaming. International clans, DOTA Allstars 24/7, middle school kids… I was the simple gamer again. And it was fun! I don’t regret those moments.


There was this one other guy. The one and the only, back in the middle school, who cared about computers, (if not more than me,) as much as I did. He kept on advancing. His grades were dropped down like hell, but he didn’t care. He was digitally insane, just like I was 6 months ago. The tragedy was that I KNEW how he felt, and I was jealous. I, who was the greatest computer wiz of all time, now had become the second, and my reputation, no matter how weird it was, started fading away. Everyday, he learned something new which I didn’t know, instead, I spent my time playing DOTA Allstars.

Envy started eating my soul, and this ENVY changed me. This envy created a bond between me and him, which is still not broken even tho I haven’t seen him for years, thanks to digital communications, and he made me inclined towards programming, but this time I restarted a different way: I started from a new world: The World Wide Web!

I did it because one of my cousins who had seen my passion for computers told me this: “You’re so good with computers why don’t you go into web? Go into the web and blow up the entire internet!” that’s exactly what he said, and this quote triggered my thirst for power which was given to me through the infallible computers, AGAIN. The moster was reborn, and the nights of wisdom came back: ASP.NET was my world. I didn’t understand anything about it, but I loved learning it. I could do little, but that little work impressed me.

One single web page, made by my own hands, was all that kept me going. Now, me and my programmer friend, could make fair conversations in which I could catch up to him (partially! He was still beyond me…)

Then we moved to US… We moved to US and everything was changed…

The Diary of a Hacker (Prologue)

Why a beginning? There has never been a beginning! It has always been with me. I don’t know why, I don’t know where or when it all began. I just know that it’s been with me for a while. So forget about a beginning. I’d like to start from the middle:

A Command prompt opens. color 0a. Other colors just dont suit my style. net view. Holy crap all these computers are on LAN? Let’s try something new…

wait… I look around. The teacher is teaching other students. I’m in level 3 so he doesn’t bother teasing me much. I should know what I’m supposed to do after all (even though I didn’t actually TAKE levels 1&2, I skipped them!!) So I guess I should be fine…

This is High School and Computer Science doesn’t have many fans. People think of Firefox as an operating system. “Internet Explorer” is the same as “Internet”. A command prompt MEANS a hacker. a “Tree” command MEANS hacking to an international database!

However, there is still a class in which people learn computer science level 2! but there are only 8 of us in this classroom: an Asian guy with glasses and pimples all over his face, he browses for jokes on his computer all the time. The other guy: Asian again, but this one has neither glasses nor pimples. He just sits quietly by himself in the corner all the time, does his homework. Good kid. Very depressing that someone with his talents doesn’t like computer science. Another guy: Weird face, glasses, straight hair but no asian eyes. Looks Bulgarian or something: Dubstep, Break Dance, a novel with a circuit on its cover, a tuned voice, as if a robot is speaking. This is all I can remember from him, but I expect much more. We have some of the stuff in common, just some, but this guy, with all these technology themes floating around him, doesn’t like programming either. Why?? Aren’t the computers cool enough for someone like you??

“Laziness triggers this boredom.” My brain answers me.

Other one is a Nerd-looking one: Reminds me of the genius kid in “Meet The Robinsons” Another talented-looking kid. However, he likes to spend his time playing Mario rather than some real-deal programming!! Why??

“You just don’t get it do you?” My brain replies. His words make me hate him because he’s always right.

The others don’t even count: A Paki who does his World History homework during CS classes, and the other one is just… not there.

These are all level 2 students.

Level 3 has even fewer students. Guess how many? only… 2. One of them is me, and the other one…

No luck on that one either, even tho hes level 3.

The other level 3 student is from Bangladesh, a stupid, weird, nerdy guy who spends his time watching classic movies and looking for fashion designers. He doesn’t understand a crap out of computers. All he does is what his parents tell him to do. He can’t write a single algorithm, and so far he’s survived because he’s been cheating from my hand.

All these thoughts pass through my mind. So who am I? Why am I sitting here? Do I deserve to be with these people?
I had the answers: I’m not a weirdo, not a dubstep dancer, not a nerdy asian. I’m just the one that actually LOVES computer science and ENJOYS being here, in this class. And I’m sitting here because I thought that this class is supposed to teach us about computers (and it did, however, in a VERYY BOOOORIIING WAY!) if I was a regular student like them, I’d give myself the right to hate that class. I mean, 8 students overall (from which one of them is mentally retarded!) + 27 stupid computers to be programmed with a language like JAVA! and some lessons such as Trees and Sorting and Searching and GRID WORLD! (WHY???) for a student who has just started exploring the world of computers. Such great beginning! I don’t blame them…

That’s why I hate beginnings, so I started from the middle: Command prompt, color 0a, net view, and all those computer names appeared. I was facinated again, I was totally thrown out of my own world.

Being thrown out of the world… such familiar feeling. I’m never where I’m supposed to be. My mind flies: it flies all over the place. The only thing that keeps it in one place is a screen full of code.

All my world was that Black-and-green command prompt now. shutdown \\computername. A whole lot of text, which means wrong syntax. Looking through the help… GOTCHA!

Went to my friends computer: The pimply asian guy. Computer > Properties, wrote down his computer name on my palm with a pen. Back to my own. Shutdown /r /f /m \\D97618. 10 seconds pass. Network address not resolved! Crap… well who cares imma just try random computers displayed by net view. shutdown … shutdown … shutdown … shutdown …

meh! Nothing is happening! I pressed enter and the last shutdown command was hopelessly entered… Another failed experiment…

Teacher’s voice rises: “hmmm… What is this? Windows shutting down in a few seconds? Why?”

I looked at his face, then back to my screen, again at his face, then back to my screen. I didn’t mean to do it!!! And while my brain thought hidden, my tongue shouted the truth. The white hat on my head made me confess.

You can guess my teacher’s reaction: He didn’t like it, even though I was his best student. Even though I revealed a security threat to him which he could fix later. He told me not to tell anyone. Sure I wont… (Evil laugh!)

But why couldn’t I shutdown my friends computer?? I take a look at those names again. His computer name is not on the list, neither are all the other computers’ in that room. So, what are these???…

The thought passed from my mind like a thunder, shaking my entire body. “They better not be all the teachers computers…”
For the first time, I had experienced the sweet taste of power… The Power Of A Hacker…

It was so sweet that I came home and started this Diary, without a single ray of hope for anybody to read it. I don’t write it for the others to read it, after all, how many people know what I’m talking about when I speak about the world of Black and Green? How many people know what I’m talking about when I say GUI? How many people even care about whether they know about these stuff or not? How many people like to read the Diary of A Hacker????

But I don’t write it because I want the others to read it. I write it because I feel like doing it. It’s so sweet that remembering those memories gives me a happy time, and writing them down, makes me even happier. That’s why I write about hacking: Simply, because I’m a Hacker!

People I Praise

I praise 3 types of people in my whole life:

1. People With Ideas: Ideas are the concepts that advance our world, Ideas are the keys to the advancement, Ideas are the concepts that bring use to knowledge and turn our imaginations into reality. I praise people who come up with the best ideas.

2. People With Knowledge: Some people just LOVE knowledge (like me!) they enjoy gaining more knowledge. They’re like vampires: the more knowledge they gain, the more thirsty they get, and of course the more knowledge they have, the more power they posses. Knowledge is valuable, therefore I praise these people.

3. People With Ambition: Some of the people don’t have knowledge, and just can’t think of any ideas. BUT THEY HAVE A PLAN, and they EXECUTE their plan no matter what. These people are more valuable than people with knowledge, more valuable than people with ideas. These people ARE THE ONES who change the world. No matter how much knowledge you have, no matter how many ideas you can think of, they’ll never come true unless u EXECUTE them. I extol these people, and I can bravely say, that I’m one of them.

Our Hackneyed Educational System

The pioneers of the teaching of science imagined that its
introduction into education would remove the conventionality,
artificiality, and backward-lookingness which were characteristic;
of classical studies, but they were gravely disappointed. So, too, in
5   their time had the humanists thought that the study of the classical
authors in the original would banish at once the dull pedantry and
superstition of mediaeval scholasticism. The professional
schoolmaster was a match for both of them, and has almost
managed to make the understanding of chemical reactions as dull
10  and as dogmatic an affair as the reading of Virgil’s Aeneid.

The chief claim for the use of science in education is that it
teaches a child something about the actual universe in which he is
living, in making him acquainted with the results of scientific
15  discovery, and at the same time teaches him how to think logically
and inductively by studying scientific method. A certain limited
success has been reached in the first of these aims, but practically
none at all in the second. Those privileged members of the
community who have been through a secondary or public school
20  education may be expected to know something about the
elementary physics and chemistry of a hundred years ago, but they
probably know hardly more than any bright boy can pick up from
an interest in wireless or scientific hobbies out of school hours.
As to the learning of scientific method, the whole thing is palpably
25  a farce. Actually, for the convenience of teachers and the
requirements of the examination system, it is necessary that the
pupils not only do not learn scientific method but learn precisely
the reverse, that is, to believe exactly what they are told and to
reproduce it when asked, whether it seems nonsense to them or
30  not. The way in which educated people respond to such quackeries
as spiritualism or astrology, not to say more dangerous ones such
as racial theories or currency myths, shows that fifty years of
education in the method of science in Britain or Germany has
produced no visible effect whatever. The only way of learning the
35  method of science is the long and bitter way of personal
experience, and, until the educational or social systems are altered
to make this possible, the best we can expect is the production of a
minority of people who are able to acquire some of the techniques
of science and a still smaller minority who are able to use and
40  develop them.

Adapted from: The Social Function of Science, John D Bernal (1939)


So this is the article I was studying for SAT, and it’s so true. It’s one of the greatest complains of mine throughout my whole life. I’ve said it a thousand times: “Why do we have to learn the stuff like US History, World History, Spanish, English Literature etc etc when we can move forward and advance in a subject we really want to advance??”

Isn’t it ironic that the creators of SAT, who symbolize the system of our education, put this article in their tests yet they don’t take action to fix the problems?? You might think I’m crazy but I wrote a letter to the white house (AND Obama while his channel was open on youtube) about this but NONE of them answered me! Fuck this so-called RESPONSIVENESS!! I’m very disappointed in this system and I’ll fully express it! I’m a teenager and I have the right to speak! I am a teenager, I’m GOING through ALL THIS Torture! This is wrong and it should be fixed.

We’ve seen great people in our history. We’ve seen enough to learn from. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zakurburg, Micheal Dell, and other great people. Take a look: Why are they all College Dropouts??? If this college really helps, then why are the college people not as successful as the dropouts? I think no more explanation is needed: Out educational system BINDS the students, preventing them from pursuing what they like.

WHY IN THE WORLD DO WE HAVE TO LEARN THE SAAAAAMEEE OOOOOLLD THING in the college as well? Didn’t we already learn US History back in High School? I’m still in high school I’ve learned enough about US & Literature that even thinking about re-learning it in college makes me depressed. THE WORLD IS MOOOOOOVIIING ON!! COME ON PEOPLE! There’s no reason, there has never been. There is no reason except this filthy word: Tradition.

Read my other article: The Manifesto of a Hacker. He was another individual like me. That’s my life, that’s my conscious. Why do the intellectuals have to turn into hackers?? Because WHAT YOU’RE DOING IS WRONG AND MUST BE OPPOSED!! I swear to God some of these hackers put Albert Einestein + 100 Bill Gates in their small pocket, but Bill Gates wasn’t intellectual enough to understand the wrong aspect of this society: He simply changed himself and fit into the wrong hole.

All I’m saying (in an aggressive way, maybe!) is that LET THE BEAST INSIDE UNLEASH! LET THE PROCLIVITY COMMAND! LET US ADVANCE! DO NOT LIMIT US BY CRAP LIKE HISTORY ENGLISH CRAP SHIT! This is wrong and yall know it. Just fix it…



P.N: I just read one of the questions:

5. If the author were to study current education in science to see how things have changed since he wrote the piece, he would probably be most interested in the answer to which of the following questions?”


w8 so maybe that’s why they dont change anything maybe because they think that everything is all good now…

idk. I have been really fierce in writing my opinion. Maybe I’m just too angry with this. Sorry if it’s kinda offensive…

Top 10 Extensions for Firefox and Their Chrome equivalents

Format: #.Firefox Extension => Chrome Equivalent

1. FireBug => Elements tab in Chrome Developer Tools in Chrome shows parsed HTML Source like FireBug (ctrl + alt + i will bring this tool up)

2. Tamper Data => Network tab in Chrome Developer Tools in Chrome includes network data capturer (ctrl + alt + i will bring this tool up)

3. Hackbar => no equivalent in Chrome found!

4. Cookie Manager =>Edit This Cookie in Chrome

5. Session Manager => Session Manager in Chrome

6. FlagFox => Chrome Flags

7. GSpace =>  No Equivalent in Chrome!

8. DownloadHelper => Not the exact equivalent but Youtube downloader pretty much does what I want…

9. Web Developer => Chrome Developer tools (ctrl + alt + i)

10. No firefox equivalent => Ripple in Chrome

ALSO SEARCH FOR THEMES!! They’re really recommended don’t you prefer a hot & sexy browser instead of a boring, colorless one??


No More Philosophy!!

I figured I’m being TOOO EXACT in some of my posts, in some of my actions, in everything. I know that we should use the right word where it’s supposed to be used, but being too strict about the use of each single words just wastes too much time.

So folks, from now on, I’m gonna use more slang in my explanations. It’s gonna be easier to understand, trust me. Read my first guide over CMD Tricks and you’ll see what I mean by being philosophical.

I mean, it’s within me: I tend to be exact and detailed. But this is not getting me anywhere, at least, I shouldn’t mix up Computer science and philosophy. Nobody does, not the professionals.

So I’m going to let go of that and be a little… less perfect! Because perfection is not always necessary…


Today was one of the memorial days of my life. In this day, I took one of the biggest steps I had ever taken: I found a job in a web design company.

The day has a story, and it’s amazing how it evolved to finding a job and how all that happened and how such coincidence could be possible (maybe it was just fate, or maybe God!) so Imma post it all here (u know, it’s goin in my mind I gotta put it down somewhere, even if nobody reads it!)

So here I was, at high school, first period: everyone’s sleepy. Another project is due in the Comm App class: ROAD TO SUCCESSS! you know at first I thought it was just another stupid proj like the puzzle one but then I figured out this was actually a useful one.

OK here I was, barely keeping my eyes open, looking for bios and stories and these kinda stuff. My character was… well, Steve Jobs!! and I as supposed to u know present some info and how he got succeeded etc. The funny thing is: I was the only one who chose such person. All the others, => celebrities! Rappers, singers, dancers, actors, …. and I was the only GOOD guy doind a real successful man like Steve Jobs. I feel sorry for them! xD
So I got the Bio, and then suddenly I was in another world, reading Steve Jobs bio day and night. I’m for real. I thought I knew about him, but his complete story was something else. It took me to another world, a world in which Steve Jobs character was evolved. I saw similarities, differences, successes, and failures. Whenever he got something done I felt like I had something done. His world was very similar to mine. Me and him had the same kind of passion about computers. I felt like I was in his world, literally. I felt it. I knew what he felt, exactly, because that’s what I’m feeling right now. I couldn’t stop reading that bio. I kept reading it in every single class…

The same night I went to Barnes & Noble, studying a book about computer security. I was in the security mode that night,, however, just since I was on android too I had picked up a book about it, but I wasn’t even reading it. I just put it on the table and kept reading the security book.

The guy who offered me a job was a programmer who happened to be sitting nearby. He saw the title of the book: “Android for programmers” that’s the one I was NOT reading! And this was how he figured I had a passion for computers. He was a web designer himself. So he came by and asked me if I was a programmer and what I could do. Luckily again, I told him that I could do websites as well, and I know how to work with databases. He gave me his business card and told me he’d be happy to work with me!!!

And I think this is where everything begins from: My first professional career! After 5 months working in Whataburger all those years studying websites and databases, I finally see the results! I hope so… I haven’t talked to him much, but I guess I have to say goodbye to whataburger now! ;D

But everything was absolute LUCK! How I was feeling so good about Steve’s success in his career, how I reached a success the same day, how the guy noticed the book, and how, luckily, that happened to be android, and that was the book I WASNT reading, and how the guy was also interested in business, and how he actually decided to trust a TEENAGER, and how I decided to tell him about my web development skills instead of other things, etc…

Hope this luck continues! I feel like Steve’s soul from heaven is helping me out here… xD

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Useful Links:


Black Hat SEO:

White Hat SEO:

WordPress SEO:

Google Optimization:



5 Ways to Bypass Internet Censorship

1. UltraSurf

2. Custom Proxy (make one by yourself)

3. PuTTY

4. STunnel

5. VPN