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The WordPress Anthology–Chapter 4

well chap3 was just an intro to a bunch of common functions + the loop, more on the post “List of wordpress functions” or something like that… search

Chapter 4

1. Function that Registers the Post (Register Post Type) + add it as an action on ‘init’ event.

function conference_post_types_register() {
register_post_type( 'conference_speaker',
'labels' => array(
'name' => __( 'Speakers' ),
'singular_name' => __( 'Speaker' ),
'add_new' => __( 'Add New Speaker' ),
'add_new_item' => __( 'Add New Speaker' ),
'edit' => __( 'Edit' ),
'edit_item' => __( 'Edit Speaker' ),
'new_item' => __( 'New Speaker' ),
'view' => __( 'View Speaker' ),
'view_item' => __( 'View Speaker' ),
'search_items' => __( 'Search Speakers' ),
'not_found' => __( 'No speakers' ),
'not_found_in_trash' => __( 'No speakers in the Trash' ),
'hierarchical' => false,
'public' => true,
'menu_position' => 25,
'menu_icon' => plugins_url( 'icons/user_comment.png' , __FILE__ ),
'has_archive' => 'speakers',
'rewrite' => array('slug' => 'speaker'),
'supports' => array( 'title', 'excerpt', 'editor', 'thumbnail'),
'description' => "A conference speaker page is a page of➥
information about a person who'll appear at this event."

add_action( 'init', 'conference_post_types_register' );

2. Function that adds custom fields to the submit page.

function conference_speaker_fields (){
global $post;
$custom = get_post_custom($post->ID);
$conference_speaker_business = $custom["conference_speaker_business"][0];
$conference_speaker_website_name = $custom["conference_speaker_website_name"][0];
$conference_speaker_website_url = $custom["conference_speaker_website_url"]
$conference_speaker_location = $custom["conference_speaker_location"][0];?>

<input size="45" name="conference_speaker_business"value="<?php echo $conference_speaker_business; ?>" />

<input size="45" name="conference_speaker_website_name"value="<?php echo $conference_speaker_website_name; ?>" />

<input size="45" name="conference_speaker_website_url"value="<?php echo $conference_speaker_website_url; ?>" />

<input size="45" name="conference_speaker_location"value="<?php echo $conference_speaker_location; ?>" />

<?php } ?>

3. Function that adds the function above as meta box + add it as an action on ‘admin_init’ event.

function add_conference_speaker_box(){add_meta_box("conference_speaker_info","Speaker Details","conference_speaker_fields",


add_action(‘admin_init’, ‘add_conference_speaker_box’);


For example, if the post type was called ‘Conference_Speaker’ instead of ‘conference_speaker’, the meta box would not be added!! Wrird….

4. Function that saves those custom values + add it as an action on ‘save_post’ and ‘publish_post’ events.

function save_conference_speaker_attributes(){global $post;update_post_meta($post->ID, "conference_speaker_business",➥$_POST["conference_speaker_business"]);update_post_meta($post->ID, "conference_speaker_website_url",➥$_POST["conference_speaker_website_url"]);update_post_meta($post->ID, "conference_speaker_website_name",➥$_POST["conference_speaker_website_name"]);update_post_meta($post->ID, "conference_speaker_location",➥$_POST["conference_speaker_location"]);}


Why Does My SQL Server Suck >”EXCLUSIVE SOLUTIONS”<??

Solutions to common errors caused by SQL:

cannot connect to wmi provider sql 2008

mofcomp "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Shared\sqlmgmproviderxpsp2up.mof"

if the file does not exist, manually go there and create one (empty file; doesn’t matter) and then run the cmd.

Named Pipes Provider: Could not open a connection to SQL Server [2].
a network-related or instance-specific error while establishing a connection to sql server…

Provide the server, for Management Studio, change (local) to .\SQLEXPRESS.

for sqlcmd, use –S .\SQLEXPRESS switch.

Login Failed For User

Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control intil the window handle has been created.

(Happens while trying to install SQL Server Management Studio)


Today was such a greay day! Hanging out with the guys from TekWebDesign (the company with which im currently working) from early in the morning, programming with C# and playing around with sql…
I learned soooo much about sql, sqlcmd and tsql today!
Then came back home, programmed an app for my dad in a matter of seconds, it was the fastest Useful application I had ever built! Im proud of myself. It was an app for summing up inches and feet, and it was one that my dad actually used.
then I tried to get some sleep but something happened and I had to go somewhere and stay awake till now (4:39 a.m) and all I had during this time was my phone.
so I got to know my phone MUCH MORE. I learned so many things about android I didn’t know before. I learned that using a live wallpaper is the worst thing in the world. I figured that u can blog from ur phone (like im doing right now) I learned about ndk, I read a book on my phone, I installed social networking apps, I figured about rooting android phones only because I ran out of memory trying to install too many apps on my phone (its really surprising that they only get installed on the internal memory what the hell???)
I also discovered radio channel manager apps such as slacker (I guess pandora is more popular tho) so I have radio on my phone now! And that’s how I got to explore Dubstep more (I just felt like playing dubstep on that time), currently listening to:
Whiskers – feed me
And its pretty fun… see ya around xD

What CRUX has turned into

V0R73X is here… again! He is back to keep it alive, to keep it in motion, to keep it going, because its truly great, truly awesome, and truly inspiring.
Idk if you guys remember when I started blogging: I established this Weblog as a notebook of my own. It was some kind of diary in which I wrote my daily life (they still exist in the archives!) And I put down the stuff I learned. Like the motto still says, it was a trash can for the stuff that went on in my mind. I didn’t really care about what I wrote because I was assuming that nobody reads them, I thought nobofy runs into them.
Well, after a while, I started using this more because well, I kept leaning more and my notebook was always there for me. Then people started commenting, and their comments were all positive! first I was like” meh, its just a notebook anyway so who cares?” And I kept going.
And I just kept going!! Until I realized that im spending hours on this, even going back and fixing the posts in which I had posted wrong crap, I started CARING!! And people kept commenting…
One day I realized that CRUX had turned into something more than a blog for me, it was… some sort of a hobby now! It still is, and just for the record, im writing this post from my phone with a tiny little keyboard with which typing is torture! But im still doin it cuz I love it!
CRUX has turned into… some sort of bridge from me to the outer world, just how a real blog should be. CRUX has turned into a small thing that could be beneficial to the world, and is done by me!
I FEEL GOOOOOooooO0oO0Oo00OooOo00D!!
so from today, im gonna post even more+EVEN EXTRA STUFF:
1. Im gonna accept new blog writers for this blog. Really dedicated people, computer geeks or even philisophers who can write useful things. Anyone with ambition and care for this blog plus some knowledge which he can offer is absolutely welcomed to write on CRUX.
Comment or send me an Email to if ur interested!
2. Im about to get into a bigger scale of social networking and integrate my blog with facebook, twitter, youtube and G+. So wait for the buttons and channels appearing soon.
3. I might even move this to a permenant hosting/domain.
So imma keep it coming! WOOHOO!! Lol…
V0R73X is in a good mood today…

Top 5 Most Light-weighted Linux distros

If you had a crapware from 90s on which you install XP and it fails to operate correctly, you’d be looking for such post! xD

Here you go, imma just list them, more explanations could be found online…

1. Lubuntu

2. CrunchBang Linux

3. Slitaz

4. Puppy Linux

5. Damn Small Linux

The Universe, The God, The Creation, and The Life

What is Universe? Where did it come from?

What is life? Where did it come from?

These are the questions that have been floating around the human brain for thousands of years, and will probably keep floating until the end of the era of mankind. These are the questions that are intended to be answered in this article, however unbelievable, from all the philosophies and beliefs regarding this issue, I found the following the most convincible, the most logical and the most interesting.

This article is a discussion and explanation for the concepts of Universe, God, Creation, and Life.

What is Universe? The universe is the result of an unbalanced equation, the solution of a failed perfection.  Yet, the concept of perfection is the fake meaning that is essential for the survival of the universe, which includes life as well. The universe could never be a perfection itself because based on the definition, perfection is a state of no flaw, and the creation started WITH a flaw which was the Big Bang, therefore the universe is not perfect. It doesn’t have to be, neither are we, neither was the god who gave birth to this unbalanced equation.

We think of the universe as perfect because if we can’t imagine it perfectly, we lose the meaning of our lives. We seek perfection, and we need this sense to live. Perfectionism is like Love, it’s an emotion, and so is a need for an almighty God. We need love for survival. Humans are fallacious, they have several requirement for installation. They are designed for more advanced algorithms, thus they need a higher level for performance. You can run Doom on a DOS-Based system, but for Crysis2, you need a high-tech graphics system. Animals also have some requirements for survival, humans just have more.

However, humans are not the end of the evolution cycle, we’re simply the most recent at the time. We consider ourselves so high but in 3 thousand years, our specie would be considered animals. Does the cycle of evolution ever stop? NO! We’ll keep growing and keep growing

What exactly was this equation? We’ll never know, it’s in the knowledge of the Gods. The proof for Gods existence comes from the very basic fact that the Big Bang didn’t just come out of nowhere, at some point, some special event gave birth to it. As we created computers, God created the universe. They might not still know about how we feel and how we think, they just see us as tools. Maybe universes are of some advantage to them. Maybe we’re still being used as commercial products and the whole life is simply a consequence of the universe, simply another member of the system that leads to a more efficient functionality.

But NONE OF THAT IS TRUE. We are not a commercial products, we are even better than the gods. The universe was the failure that took over, the failure that led to the end of the gods’ era. As we’re creating computers now, we can’t think of the future, but it’s inevitable that they’ll take over at some point. We can’t imagine them as forms of life, neither could gods do so regarding human beings (or better say, universe). And we’ll be the gods, destroyed by our own creation, replaced by a newer specie. The universe made it all up until here. There are no versions, this is the one and the only. Why do I take this belief rather than the one stated above? Because the evolution needs to be stopped, and it needs to be stopped because if it doesn’t it’ll finally reach perfection and we know that we can never reach perfection. The universe doesn’t have infinite amount of gaps to be filled, those gaps and flaws are definite, and will be all filled if evolution keeps going. And so new species take over to put a stop to this cycle and push the restart button, then they themselves start this cycle of evolution from the very beginning.

Where did life come from? Life did not come out of nowhere. The Gods created life into the universe, they might’ve created several versions and after research, they might’ve added life into the new version of the universe. Life was not an special event comparing to the creation of universe, it was predicted and planned from the very beginning of the creation. Life is simply an advanced form of assembled material that leads to an algorithm-based functionality, and these algorithms could be very advanced such as the ones appearing in the forms we call Logic, Emotions, and Perfectionism.

Where did the universe come from? It’s created by the gods, as explained, from an unbalanced equation. Where did the gods come from? They were created by other gods, and those gods were created by other ones, and so does the cycle continue till the infinity. Why do we have to consider a beginning? There’s no beginning, and there won’t be an end. There’s no perfection, thus there’s no end, and since there’s no end, there has never been a beginning.

CompTIA Network+ Certification Study Guide – Chap1

All the following topics are characteristics of a network:

Network Topologies:

1. P2P

Workstation: A computer connected to a network is called a workstation.

Client & Server

2. Bus

Signal Bounce: The electricity inside the wire which carries digital information will bounce back after hitting the end of the cable.

Terminator: The stuff at each end of the cable to consume the electrical energy and thus preventing the Signal Bounce.

3. Star

Hub: A device which has several ports for connecting network cables, and connects them all together.

4. Mesh

5. Ring

6. Tree

7. Hybrid: A mixture of topologies

Access Point: A device to which are the computers are connected. A Hub is an access point, a Wireless Access Point is an access point (access point is more likely associated with the Wireless one).

Network Segment / BackBone: A cable which connects all the other cables together. Most used in Bus networks.

Network Cables:

1. Coax cable: Regular copper wire, covered by a plastic cover. Has 2 types: Thinnet & Thicknet. Wires are known as RG series, like RG-8 cable is a Coax Thicknet cable, and RG-58 is a Coac Thinnet cable.
Usually used with BNC connectors.

Crosstalk: Interference from adjacent wires.

Outside electrical noise: An interference coming from lights, motors, radio systems, etc.

These are two types of networking disrupts that should be avoided and the best cable is the one that has the least disruption.

2. Twisted Pair Cable: Same as coax, copper wire, but in this one strings of wire are twisted together in order to prevent crosstalk. Has 2 types: Unshielded (UTP) and Shielded (STP).
Usually used with RJ connectors.
These wires are mostly used as telephone cables and LAN cables.
Categorized into 6 series, called CAT-[#].
Most commonly used cables in home LANs and small offices.
More susceptible to crosstalk than Coax table, but easier to work with.

Crimping: Creating your own cables.

Crossover cable: any cable that connects two devices of the same type, i.e router to router, serial to serial, etc. These are examples:

Ethernet Cable: Used for connecting two networking devices together.

Null Modem cable: Used for connecting data terminal equipments (DTEs), i.e serial ports, printers, etc.

Rollover cable (console cable): A Twisted pair, crossover cable that connects from the computers serial port to a router’s console port, like a combination of ethernet cable and a null modem cable (but it’s still considered null modem, not ethernet)

Cisco console cable

3. Fiber-optic cable: No more copper no more electrical energy, instead, these wires use optical energy plus glass tubes as wires. Instead of sending electric charges inside copper wires, these send optical pulses inside glass tubes. Has 2 types: Single-mode fiber (SMF) (only one refraction angle used for the light ray sent) and Multi-mode fiber (MMF) (several refraction angles are used)
Usually used with SC & ST Connectors.

Wiring Methods:

1. Straight-through: Connecting each pin to the other pin with the same number. Used for connecting computer to hub.

2. Crossover: Switching pin 1 with 3 and 2 with 6 on the outcoming wires in order to connect two computers together.


Are connected to the end of cables to match a particular hardware port on a device.

1. RF Connectors: Old connector mostly used with Coax cables. It has several types itself:

A) BNC connector

B) F-type connector

.. ….. …. . .. . . .. . . . . etc. More Info Here.

2. RJ Connectors: Telephone and network cables, usually used with Twister Pair cables.

3. USB Connector:

A) Type A: The one you know about, the regular one.

B) Type B: The one used with Arduino cable, on the other end.

4. PS/2 Connector

5. FireWire: The one used with the iPhone charger. (The cable is called Firewire, connectors are called FireWire connectors, although the connector has several types)

6. SC, LC & ST Connectors: Used with Fiber Optic cables.

7. AUI connector

Access Methods

How a workstation determines eligibility for sending data on the network.

1. CSMA/CD (Carrier sense multiple access with collision detection): Before sending data, it senses the wire to see if there are any data currently being passed.

2. CSMA/CA (Carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance): Before sending data, it senses the wire like the other one, if there’s no data being passed, it sends a dummy piece of data on the wire, if dummy does not collide, then it safely assumes that no collision will occur and will send the data.

3. Token Passing: A token takes care of transporting data, while this token is in use, no other workstation can use it. There’s just one token in the entire wire.

Network Communication Techniques:

1. Baseband: Sends the digital signal on a single channel that uses the entire bandwidth.

2. Broadband: Sends it as analog signals, each assigned to a portion of the bandwidth.

Network Architectures

1. Ethernet

10Base2: Bus topology, CMSA/CD access method, baseband transmission, thinnet coax wiring.

10Base5: All the stuff are the same, but thicknet for the wiring.

10BaseT: Start topology, CMSA/CD access method, baseband transmission, CAT 3/5 wiring.

10BaseFT: All the same stuff except Fiber Optics for wiring.

100BaseTX/FX: Uses Fiber Optics and has a much more speed (100 mbps).

1000BaseSX: A faster network (1000 mbps) with Fiber Optic MMF cable.

1000BaseLX: SMF cable instead.

1000BaseCX: Coax cable instead of fiber optics.

10GBaseSR: even faster (10000 mbps) with MMF fiber optic wire.

10GBaseLR: SMF fiber optic instead.

10GBaseER: Extra-long smf fiber optic.

10GBaseT: Uses CAT 6 UTP wires instead.

10GBaseSW: WAN version of 10GBaseSR.

10GBaseLW: longer.

10GBaseEW: even longer.

2. Token Ring: Uses a star-like topology and token passing access method, but instead of a hub, all the workstations are connected to a multistation access unit (MAU)

3. FDDI: fiber-optic, cabling, token passing, and a ring topology. The difference is that FDDI is based on cables and doesn’t need a central device.

Server softwares on windows:

1. File & Print services: Allows clients in the network use one printer, or share files. Simple, already built in windows.

2. Web Services

3. DNS & WINS services

4. DHCP services: Server can assign IP addresses to the clients.

5. Directory services: Provides access to a bunch of directories, each accessible by a particular group/individual, based on the login information. Softwares such as Active Directory, NetWare and NIS are examples of Directory services on different OSs.

6. Email services: Clients can use a mailing service for communicating with each other through Email.

7. Group services: Like RAT services, applying settings on clients,


GUYS, NOW THE DOMAIN V0R73X.Co.CC also points to this website!

Imma use this one later on. Looks easier…

Why doesn’t Windows Live Writer download/update the theme?


Widows live writer didn’t update my theme today!

So I was trying to find a solution, and here’s what I found:

1. Deactivate all your plugins on your blog.

2. Now go back and try to update the theme.

3. go back to ur blog and re-activate all them plugins.

DONE!! It’s just that WLW doesn’t want to spend time downloading extra stuff!

Tweet & Follow Plugin

I found this on the net, just passing by! thought Id share it:

A WordPress plugin for increasing your views thus bringing ur website to the top on Search Engines.